The photography for our wedding was the single most important decision for me. I wanted someone fabulous, and this was one area where price was not an issue. I researched for MONTHS, but I kept coming back to Ardent Studio. I was captivated by the images. After our first meeting with Tim, we knew Ardent Studio was the right choice for us. He made us feel totally at ease. But, I was in love with his work long before meeting him. I’ll admit it: I was a total blog stalker. I could not find reviews when I was doing wedding research, but I went with my gut. THANK GOD! Tim put a ton of thought into our engagement session. He made sure the photos were a true reflection of who we are. The photos were miles beyond anything I expected (and I am a woman with extremely high expectations). I still look at them in awe. Then came our wedding… Tim and Chris came to our hotel to shoot us getting ready. Thank GOD for them! I felt a total sense of calm wash over me as soon as they got there. Tim made sure I stayed on schedule (I had a spreadsheet…yes, I was THAT bride) and he kept me relaxed. Our photos were effortless. The outcome is beyond words. My HUSBAND (love that word) and I still look at the magicalness and cry. Ardent Studio went well above and beyond to make sure the day of our dreams was captured perfectly. I am so thankful that we have these images. Otherwise, there is very little I would remember about our day. It goes so quickly! There were many wedding decisions I questioned after they were made, but my choice in photography was never one I waivered on. There aren’t words to convey my gratitude for the talent that was shared with us for our special day. I feel like we were given a gift. Remember, you get what you pay for, but there are seldom occasions when you get so much more than you bargain for! The images from both our engagement session and our wedding are invaluable. I feel like we got the deal of the century when we booked with Ardent Studio. I wouldn’t change a single thing. Again, BEST.DECISION.EVER!  Do yourself a favor and consider Ardent Studio! They have definitely enriched our lives!
-Erin Wallace-Gonzales 

We have been waiting for new words to come to us besides “amazing”; “stunning”; “best” ; ….. there are no other words, there are only tears of happiness as we look at the pictures from both our engagement session and our wedding as captured by Ardent Studio.

We would have to take a master’s class in photography in order to obtain the vocabulary to properly complement both Tim Pham and Chris Pham on the pictures that were taken … check out their website and you will see what I mean… you get lost in the beauty, the composition, the colors, layering, editing. They are truly gifted artists, they are who you want capturing your wedding day.

The professionalism that we experienced with both Tim and Chris, from the beginning to the end, was impeccable. From super prompt, excited communication to being instantly likable in person, they both seamlessly disappeared into the day to work the magic. They are also able to come forth with valuable “this is how it’s usually done” experience in that time of chaos which in turn can wipe away that somewhat awkward moment and replace it with a beautiful picture!

We researched long and hard in order to give us (and our guests) “the NOLA experience” – we knew we had the best professionals to capture it. The pictures that Ardent Studio has given us are not merely pictures to us, they are precious gifts that we will treasure always.

-Katherine Barker-Finelli 

Ok, i really do not know where to begin except to say that Tim with Ardent Studio was absolutely wonderful, and i am not even talking about the pics yet. i was really nervous about the photographer just because i’m not one who has been practicing wedding poses, faces, etc since i was like 6. and my hubby is a total guy’s guy so the thought of engagement pics really made me nervous. however, im not sure how HE did it, but he made both of us feel so comfortable, he was hilarious, and i never felt like we were too posed. My husband and i both talked about it the whole way home and i knew right then, we made the right decision with tim. THEN, when i saw the pics, i was even more amazed. they were gorgeous, way beyond anything i would have dreamed up. And the wedding pics (just got married 3/12/11) are most definitely the greatest keepsakes we have from our wedding. he captured every priceless moment…the moments where you are not expecting a camera to be. the real deal emotions, tears, laughter, and everything in between. My bridemaids, his groomsmen, and the fam pics all came out wonderful but its all those extra shots from the prepping, to the ceremony, to the reception and everything in between that make AS the best decision for me. my phone has not stopped ringing from people who have just caught glimpses of some of my photos. i think my phone would catch on fire if they saw all of them. haha. but seriously, i would highly recommend him to every single bride on the planet and any other planet for that matter. Tim definitely exceeded my expectations along with anyone else’s. I’ve even gotten a few “Dang, i want to get married again so i can have pictures like that.” so if you are having a hard time deciding, check out his blog and i think your decision will be a real easy one. also, expect to make a friend in the process. i did!!!
-Haley Hulsey-White 

My entire experience with Ardent Studio was PHENOMENAL and totally exceeded my expectations!! Our originally booked photographer realized that he had double booked our wedding date and cancelled on us. This definitely turned out to be a blessing in disguise! My mom, aunt, and I met with Tim for a consultation and all three of us were in total agreement that this was the one. His work spoke for itself and he had a personality that was unmatched. Finding the right person is very important because these are memories that you will cherish forever once the wedding is over. We are so happy that we picked Ardent Studio to capture all of our special moments and could not have imagined it any other way. Tim was extremely accommodating to us and our schedules which we appreciated since we live out of town. We took our engagement pictures, my bridals, and of course the entire wedding day with Ardent. ALL of our pictures came out A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! Tim has a natural eye for capturing the moment in the most artistic and creative ways. He is very professional, down to earth, and has a true passion for photography. My husband is extremely camera shy but was completely at ease with Tim. He even said that he had so much fun, he wouldn’t mind doing it again..which is definitely saying a lot for him!! The only bad thing about my experience that comes to mind is that we loved all of our shots so much that it made it next to impossible to narrow down the ones we wanted to edit! What a problem to have, huh?? 🙂 I have had countless compliments on my pictures and people wanting to know who did this amazing work. Ardent Studio undeniably stands out above the rest..no doubt. If you want a photographer who will put his all into his work, truly care about his clients, and have gorgeous, unique pictures to remember your special day for a lifetime, Ardent Studio is the only way to go.

-Erin Steib-Griffin 

OMG, I am sitting here crying from the most fantastic gift that I have ever received, it was beyond beautiful. You captured all the most precious moments of that most sacred and beautiful wedding that will last now a lifetime for me. Also to have the very best of times shown at the reception, we will never forget the fun we and everyone else had that night celebrating Danielle and Devon’s Wedding and Reception. That night was perfect and everything that Danielle wanted it to be. You have given us the gift of keeping those memories alive through your beautiful artistic work. Each day I run into someone who has seen the pictures and comment how beautiful her pictures are. I receive comments that you should win awards with some of these pictures; You should have Danielle’s pictures in magazines. Friday someone else asked for your name b/c her daughter will be getting married next year and loved the pictures. I can’t be prouder of your work and happy you were an essential part of the biggest day of Danielle’s life. I can’t wait to show the slideshow to family and friends, especially to my Dad who has a fatal disease and couldn’t make it that day. He cried when I saw him after the wedding b/c he couldn’t be there for his first grandchild to get married, and now I can’t wait to go over and show him the slideshow. I know he will cry also. The music was so perfect and touched my heart. I hope by the time Alyssa gets married you want be too busy. Whenever that happens you must keep a spot open for us (No boyfriend yet). I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the DVD and the beautiful picture which I will place on my desk at work. I love the picture you chose for the cover of the DVD also. I could go on forever about your work. I will continue to check out your weddings and enjoy your great photography. Danielle could not be happier about everything you have done also. If there is anything you need please let me know. Wishing you the very best in all areas of your life always. Merry Christmas and a Blessed Happy New Year, MOM
-Shelley Kling (Mother of the Bride)

Tim was the first and only photographer I met with. After meeting Tim, there was no need to meet with any of the other photographers I had on my list. Immediately after I met him, we clicked and I knew he was the right choice for us. Besides the obvious, that his pictures are absolutely breathtaking and one of a kind, there were many other qualities that I absolutely loved about Tim and his brothers. I appreciated his laid back character, never in your face or pushy. No matter when I called, texted, or emailed, he always responded quickly and was willing to go above and beyond for us. After we took our engagement pictures, I was reassured that I had made the right decision. Our pictures were way beyond anything we could have imagined. I can’t explain the amount of emails, text, and phone calls we received from family and friends after our pictures were posted. Everyone absolutely loved them and wanted to know who our photographer was. His work ethic and product are like no other. He is very detail oriented and has an eye for things that most photographers do not. The engagement, bridal, and wedding pictures came out amazaing! I wanted something different, more contemporary, and we got just that (while still providing some of the traditional photos to make my mom happy :)). Once you meet Tim, you will immediately know how passionate he is for his work. I never would have imagined that our pictures would be one of my favorite things about our wedding, but they absolutely are! Hands down, choosing Ardent Studio was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. We weren’t just satisified with what we got, but were blown away by the experience that Ardent Studio provided us!
-Danielle Bourque 

Tim and the crew @ Ardent Studio made our engagement and wedding day SO VERY special. As a wedding photographer myself, finding THE photographer was more stressful than finding THE groom 😉 Tim is one of the greatest, most creative, and brilliant photographers I know…. and i know a lot of em’!! Choosing Ardent photography and making those guys drive to Texas and into the boonies was the best decision of our wedding. I had high expectations, and they exceeded them all.
I couldn’t be happier with the images- I still can’t stop looking at them. I’ve laughed, cried and everything in between! They captured great memories and special moments- I am still in awe of the emotion captured in their images. Their photographic art is all over the place in our house. We get compliments on our wall prints often. My friends are all taking the wedding plunge now and Ardent is everyones first choice. I could go on and on!!
As a photographer I am inspired-
As a client I am very pleased
And now as a friend, I feel blessed.

xoxoxo Haley & Brandon

ps- Brandon (groom) LOVED tim and the guys. He had a great time during our engagement session with them and at the wedding. That is rare for men- it is usually like pulling teeth!! ha ha
Haley Cowey 

Being an out of town bride, the most important thing to me was finding a photographer that would capture every moment of the most important day of our lives! Since I didn’t know anyone, I started looking at the knot and looking at different photographers websites. I have always enjoyed the more modern photography and was blown away with the Ardent Studio website. Since my first talk with Tim, he was always readily available for me and any questions that came up whether that was via text, email, or phone. He was even kind enough to meet with us personally at our hotel while we were in town one weekend. As the big day approached, I became the frantic bride that started imagining everything going wrong. But Tim assured me not to stress and that all the pictures would be taken care of! He listened to me and got every important picture on my list! I gave him a vague idea of what I thought I wanted and was so impressed with the results. Before we even got our pictures back, everyone at the wedding was raving about the photographers! The guests were so impressed with the shots they were taking and how easy they were to deal with. They were able to capture all the important aspects of the wedding and had a fun time with us while doing it! Even my husband, who despises pictures, said that he had a blast with their photographer and had him cracking up while they were all getting ready! Overall, Tim and his photographers were the best decision we made about our wedding. Not only did we get the most amazing pictures to remember our special day, but we got to work with wonderful people. You can truly tell that Tim has a passion for his work and has a great time doing what he does. I have been in other weddings where the photographer seemed so dry and aloof. It was very refressing to have a photographer interacting with everyone and getting genuine smiles and laughs! I would reccomend Ardent Studio to anyone and can gaurentee that you will not be disappointed. I couldn’t have been happier and thank them for the best wedding gift of all….priceless memories of our wonderful day!
-Courtney Shappley 

Excellent wedding photographer. He did my brother’s wedding and mine. In over a year, I could see how he keeps getting better and better. I loved every single one of my pictures and all his other clients’ pictures that he posts on his blog. He and his brother are very patient, friendly and easy to get along with. highly recommend him.
-Thuy Linh-Penedo 

What can I say about Tim from Ardent Studio?? Just that he is the best wedding photographer!!!! Tim is just so great and awesome at what he do. The quality and care that he gives to each bridal session, and on the wedding day is just….. awesome. He will be with you through every step of the way. I knew that I wanted Tim to be my wedding photographer 2 years before I had set a wedding date. We kept in touch through email, and he answer every single one of my emails. Can you imagine how many emails that is 🙂 The first time that we met was actually at our pre wedding session. And we had the best time. He made the session so much fun and so comfortable. The outcome of the pictures are just breath taking. Then the wedding day came, and Tim and his brothers took amazing pictures. They captured every feeling and every emotion. I still get a little choked up when I look back at my wedding pictures. You will not be disappointed at all if or when you book Tim for your wedding. No words can describe the quality of his work. He is just that awesome! Take a look at his website, and check out his blog. Every picture that he took of different brides is so beautiful. Sometime you just can’t stop looking at it. The pictures are just that awesome! And now Tim is one of my great friends 🙂 I totally recommend Tim and his brothers from Ardent Studio!!!!!!! You will not be disappointed 🙂 I guarantee!!!
-MyChi Nguyen-Pham 

Hey Tim, Just wanted to let you know that I showed my family our wedding album during Xmas and everybody absolutely loved it. A lot of people said it looks like something from a magazine. You guys did an amazing job in capturing all the details and putting the story together. Every time I look through it, it makes me so happy to relive that day through the album. It’s such a beautiful story. I wish I could get married again just to see how you would tell the story. I look forward to seeing how it unfolds for John & Kate. Keep up the great work Tim! Have a safe and happy New Year! I’ll keep sending referrals your way =)
-Candace Tran 

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